Friday, February 6, 2009

"I Have The Right To Stay On This Planet"

I have the right to stay on this planet….!!!!
This word sound so strange and you may say "What do you mean of that?"
Ok, I will tell you the story, but you have to know first that there's no room for you on this planet.

"What are you saying? I didn't understand anything, Please be obvious, and what are u talking about? Are u nuts or something?"
Please be calm, please walk with me step by step, and don't think that I am nuts, and u will find that all my words is true.

You know that our planet has become overcrowded with people, suppose that one day the united nation has decided to remove all "Unnecessary" people from this planet and keep only the necessary ones. So the UN began conducting interviews asking people "Why should we keep you on this planet? Give us a reason to keep you on earth.”
So what would you say? I can imagine the answers now, someone will tell me I am just alive, and don’t care about what you saying, He may be right, but what if it happens? What is the word that you will say to the commitment?
Do u will say that I can compose ringtones on mobile phones? Or you have the latest version of Nokia cell phones? They don’t mean what you have but they mean what is your role in life? How can you help the people in the world? What can you give to the humanity? What skills you have to utilize it and implement in others life?
Stay a moment of silent and tell yourself, what is the last valuable thing I made through the past year? What are the things that have been achieved and you are proud of it? These moments of truth with yourself will make a different in your life.
These moments of silence will tell you where you stand for? And will tell you the main role in your life.

Did u now that you are a significant and valuable person in the world?
You are created by Allah, so you have to know that have a lot of skills you don’t use it, so try to discover yourself, and know yourself well, and try to develop your abilities and skills by reading books and attend training programs.
You can change yourself to the best and the best you deserve.
So don’t waste time and start now.
By reading this article you make the first step toward change.
So go forward and move on now and starts plan your life.
Live with love and peace, and appreciate the value of life.

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